This book examines the Proposal for a Regulation on artificial intelligence (2021/0106) of the European Commission with a focus on the implementation of these technologies in recruitment processes, while also analysing the approach of Turkish labour law to discrimination during the recruitment. It provides recommendations for Turkey in order to address potential discrimination issues regarding the use of artificial intelligence technologies in recruitment.(ARKA KAPAKTAN)

Table of Contents

Chapter One
1.1. Problem description and relevance of study
1.2. Research questions
1.3. Methodology
1.4. Key concepts
1.4.1. Algorithms
1.4.2. Artificial intelligence (AI)
1.4.3. Difference: Bias & Discrimination

Chapter Two
General analysis of Turkish Law in terms of discrimination in recruitment
1.1. General
1.2. Turkish Labour Code
1.3. Law No. 6071 on the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey
1.4. Other regulations
1.5. Discussion

Chapter Three
General analysis of the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (2021/0106) in terms of discrimination in recruitment
1.1. General
1.1.1. Personal & territorial scopes
1.1.2. Material scope Unacceptable-risk (Prohibited) AI systems High-risk AI systems Limited-and minimal-risk AI systems
1.2. Discussion