We are honored to bring to you our new book "Newsletter 2017".
Since 2010, at the end of each year we compiled the articles that are posted monthly on our website in a book to allow our readers an outlook on the year's key legal developments. This book of articles now published for the eighth year, has attracted growing attention from our clients, business partners and fellow practitioners over the years. We continued the tradition of the past years for this publication of Newsletter 2017. In 2017, our team wrote on a wide variety of legal disciplines some of which are in new areas of law developed in parallel to meet the needs of the today's business. Further we did not leave out the importance of comparative law and our team researched on the developments in foreign legislations including the European Union.(ÖNSÖZDEN)


Importance of ICC Model Contracts as Part of Soft Law
Legal Requirements for Board of Director Membership of Joint Stock Companies
Pre-emptive Right in Joint Stock Companies
Capital Increase through Internal Resources in Joint Stock Companies
Features of Joint Venture Contract
Voting Agreements under Turkish Law
Stock Option Plans in Turkey
Holding Company Structure under Turkish Law
Carriage of Goods by Road under the Turkish Commercial Code
Liability of the Sea Carrier for the Carriage of Goods under Turkish Law
Right to Information and Inspection by the Shareholders in Limited Liability Companies

The Turkish Competition Board Decides About the Scope of Legal Professional Privilege
Umbrella Effect within the Framework of Private Competition Enforcement
Competition Board's Recent Examinations in the Electricity Sector: Back to the Past
Block Exemption Communiqué on Vertical Agreements and Concerted Practices in the Motor Vehicle Sector
Evaluation of the European Commission E-Commerce Sector Inquiry with regard to Consumer Goods
Competition Authority's Sector Inquiry Report on Television Broadcasting
Excessive Pricing
Draft Guideline on Vertical Agreements and the Related Workshop of the Competition Authority
Selective Distribution Systems under the Light of Coty Decision
European Commission Approves Microsoft's Acquisition of LinkedIn Subject to Conditions
Booking.com Decision
Amazon Decision and E-Book Commitments

ICC Expedited Procedure Rules in accordance with the ICC Note on the Conduct of Arbitration
Current Issues in Expedited Procedures in Arbitration
Relationship between Arbitrability and Public Policy in Light of the Decisions of the Court of Cassation
The Effect of the Principle of Separability on Determination of the Law Applicable to Arbitration Agreements - I
The Effect of the Principle of Separability on Determination of the Law Applicable to Arbitration Agreements - II
Costs and Reduction of Costs in Arbitration
Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Set Aside at the Seat of Arbitration
International Arbitration in Banking and Finance Sector within the Context of the ICC Commission Report
Swiss Federal Court Refused a Set Aside Request Based on the Failure of the Tribunal to Appoint an Independent Expert in Arbitration Proceedings
ICSID Tribunal's Decision on the Claims of İçkale İnşaat against Turkmenistan
Moral Damages Claim in Investment Arbitration
Umbrella Clauses in Investment Arbitration

Property Certificates
Activities of Foreign Investment Institutions in Turkey
Amendments to the Communiqué on Disclosure of Material Events
Recent Amendments to the Debt Securities Communiqué
The Draft Law on Crowdfunding

Evaluation of Decisions of the 11th Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation with regard to the Commencement Date of the Statute of Limitations for Claims arising from Anti-competitive Conduct
The Unlikelihood of a Subsequent Debt Repayment in accordance with the Swiss Federal Court Decision Dated 21 July 2015
Movable Pledge Agreements in Commercial Transactions
Electronic Contracting in Turkey
Bank Letters of Credit
Handover of the Leased Property after Conclusion of the Lease Agreement
Special Lien in Favour of the Lessor
Seller's Liability Due to Defects in Purchase Agreements
Non-competition Clauses for Employees: Limitation of Non-competition Clauses in terms of Place, Time, Subject and Restriction Authority of the Judge

Key Amendments to Regulation on Licensed and Unlicensed Electricity and New Regulation on Renewable Energy Zones
Control of Packing Wastes in Turkey and the General Framework of Legislation

Trademark Rights under Industrial Property Law
Trademark Right Infringements on the Internet
Patent Rights under Industrial Property Law
Intellectual Property Rights of the Employers

The EU General Data Protection Regulation and Its Territorial Scope
Destruction of Personal Data
Protection of Personal Data within the Scope of Labor Law
Employer's Right to Govern and Personal Data Management

Agreement Which Is Signed at the End of Mediation and Its Legal Qualification
Mandatory Mediation in Labor Disputes

Turkish Wealth Fund
Operation of Economic Enterprises by Foundations
How the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act 2010 Can Impact Foreign Companies?
Approach to Trust Law from a Civil Law Perspective
Single European Sky
Industry 4.0 and Its Impact in the Legal World
General Legal Framework of Pharmaceutical Industry in Turkey
The Court of Cassation Decision of the Unification of Judgments holding that Receivables based on a Verdict may not be put into Enforcement Proceedings without a Verdict

Important International Agreements
Important Council of Ministers Resolutions
The Grand National Assembly of Turkey Decisions
Important Changes and Developments in Laws
Important Changes and Developments in Regulations
Important Changes and Developments in Communiqués
Important Changes and Developments in General Communiqués
Important Changes and Developments
Important Legislation and Decisions regarding Competition
Important Legislation and Decisions regarding Mergers and Acquisitions
Important Publications and Decisions regarding Privatization
Important Changes and Development regarding Energy Law
Important Case Law and Other Important Decisions